20 GOP leaders meet to press the energy policy of the Biden administration


Governor Jeff Landry and 19 other GOP leaders spoke at a diesel refinery in Chalmette to hammer the Biden administration’s energy policy and called on the president “to pursue an all-of-the-above energy approach that will promote homegrown energy that benefits all Americans.

“We’re here to talk about common sense realistic solution that Republican governors are proposing to unleash American energy and reduce the cost to Americans.”

Landry says the Biden administrations enhances energy regulations have cost taxpayers $1.37 trillion since he took office.

“President Biden has done nothing but attack American energy.   He paused new oil and gas leases, he canceled the Keystone pipeline.  He prioritized foreign energy over domestic energy.”

The United States has been producing more oil than any country in history, but Landry says that should be increased further to help with consumer cost.

“We don’t live inside of a beltway that really is out of touch with American.  And what we hear from our constitutes is that inflation is eating into the pockets of Americans.”

The request is for Biden to ease regulatory pressure on the fossil fuel industry, prioritizing technology and to end his moratorium on permits for liquid natural gas export facilities.

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