2023 Legislative session ends with a possible veto override session looming on LGBTQ legislation


The 2023 regular legislative session is over, but lawmakers could return for a veto override session. Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards says he expects he’ll veto three bills that target LGBTQ lifestyles. Edwards says the legislation is mean-spirited and wrong

“The judgment of history I believe will be very clear. It will be clear as the judgment of history has been on those who didn’t want civil rights in the 50’s for example.”

A bill that would prohibit public school teachers from discussing gender and sexual identity in a classroom setting, legislation that would allow teachers to ignore students wishes to go by a pronoun other than what’s on their birth certificate are two measures that face a veto threat. Edwards says he also disapproves a bill that bans gender-affirming care for transgender minors…

“Some of these bills affect a couple of three dozen people in our entire state of 4.65 million and all of a sudden I mean these are just things we have to do.”

But Chairman of the Republican House Delegation, Erath Representative Blake Miguez, is passionate about protecting kids from life-altering procedures they may regret later in life

“I can see the possibility of a veto override session to address that singular issue.”

If the governor vetoes these bills, a veto session is automatically called, unless a majority of the House or Senate votes not to have a veto session. It will take a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate to override a veto. These three pieces of legislation received enough votes in the House and Senate to override a veto.

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