2023 Louisiana Survey: Louisianans show increasing support for legal abortions and legal recreational use of marijuana


The 2023 Louisiana survey, an annual poll produced by LSU, shows support growing for legal abortions and legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Director of the Louisiana Survey Dr. Michael Henderson says two months ago they polled about 500 Louisiana residents about the hot-button topic.

 “We’ve seen over the last seven years, almost 40 percent of Louisianans came down on saying that abortion should be legal in either all or some situations and that number is now up to 52 percent.”

Henderson says 85-percent of the respondents believe a woman should be able to obtain a legal abortion if the pregnancy has put the mother’s life in jeopardy and 77-percent also support an exception if the pregnancy was the result of a rape…

“We’re getting to very high levels of support for this. In terms of what the public thinks. Who knows what the state government will do but in terms of what the public thinks the public seems comfortable with this.”

 Henderson says the percentage of respondents who support legal possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use has nearly doubled in the last ten years.

“From just about 40 percent ten years ago supporting legal possession of small amounts marijuana for recreational use, today is up to 70 percent – it’s climbed quite a bit.”

It’s no surprise that among demographic groups, adults under 35 years of age are the biggest supporters. Henderson says the survey shows a sizable increase in support from respondents 65 and older.

“Slightly over half of individuals who are 65 years or older now also support marijuana for recreational use whereas that number was just 23 percent a decade ago. Now 18 to 29 year old are still your stronger supporters. 82 percent of them support.”

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