4th of July Fireworks: Authorities offer safety tips to prevent injuries and fatalities


Folks are crowding firework stands to celebrate America’s Independence with a bang. Authorities want to remind folks of some simple tips regarding fireworks safety. Fire Marshal spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says let the professionals do it.

“It’s safe. It’s easy. Let the guys who know what they’re doing do it in fantastic fashion. Long show. Big fireworks. That’s just the best option for families in our opinion.”

There were an estimated 10,200 fireworks-related, emergency department-treated injuries in the country in 2022, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Rodrigue says if you opt to do your own fireworks show make sure it’s legal and there’s no burn ban in effect. She encourages the public to make sure they’re in a safe area…

“If you’re going to go ahead and do a fireworks show, make sure that the location that you choose is 200 feet at least away from any structures – that’s homes, that’s barns, that’s garages, vehicles, and brush. Anything that can catch fire easily.”

Rodrigue suggests having a water source nearby in case anything goes wrong there is something that can put out any type of emergency or fire. Also, do not pop fireworks when impaired because it slows your reaction time. She reminds adults to never give kids sparklers.

“And that is not the kind of injury you can put a bandaid on for three days and it just goes away. These kinds of injuries can be life-long both visibly and what we can’t see.”

Rodrigue says glow sticks are a great alternative for kids. Different parishes and cities have different regulations, so check to be sure it’s legal to launch fireworks.


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