A.G. Jeff Landry suing FEMA over flood insurance rate secrecy


Attorney General Jeff Landry has filed a lawsuit against FEMA over the new Risk Rating 2.0 flood insurance pricing policy. At a Thursday press conference, Landry says the federal agency’s rate increases place a great many Louisianans at risk of foreclosure. They have asked for open information on how the rates are set, with no response from FEMA…:

“…so after repeated calls for transparency, and repeated cries from our Congressional delegation…with many Louisianans now facing mass foreclosures and further outmigration, we are going to take action. And we, today, are going to file suit,” says Landry

State Solicitor General Liz Murrill says Louisiana joins Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Texas, South Carolina and other states and local governments in suing FEMA for transparency. She says no other state has more experts on storm & flood damage and costs than Louisiana, and FEMA has been offered that expert help…:

“…and instead of taking advantage of those opportunities for that wealth of knowledge, they shut the door on us. And they have doggedly refused to give us the information that would explain to us WHY these dramatic increases are being imposed on the people of our state, and the people of other states.” Murrill says.

Murrill says the state Department of Justice has 60 declarations of support for the lawsuit, from parish governments, GOHSEP, the CPRA and others. Many homeowners have mortgages contingent on having flood insurance, and if they cannot afford it they could lose their homes. Murrill says FEMA needs to explain themselves…:

“We tell all our people to ‘Get a Game Plan’ and prepare for hurricane season. What they cannot plan for and they can’t control is the attack of the Federal government.”

Experts say Risk Rating 2.0 poses a threat to the entire housing market in Louisiana.

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