An above-average hurricane season starts this Saturday. Are you prepared for the worst?


The Governor’s Office of Homeland and Security and Emergency Preparedness are encouraging Louisiana residents to get a hurricane plan together before an above-average season starts Saturday. Director Jacques Thibodeaux says in the event of an evacuation, listen to local officials, because, “[w]hen a local official tells you it’s time to evacuate, that’s the most powerful message that you’ll get. And when they tell you it’s time to leave, it’s time to go.”

Thibodeaux says now is the time to finalize evacuation plans if a major hurricane threatens Louisiana’s coast. GOHSEP is advising coastal residents against trying to beat a hurricane by going east or west on I–10.

“Don’t gamble on going east or west and trying to figure out where the storm’s not gonna be,” he added. “The best way that we [GOHSEP] recommend is go north.”

Thibodeaux is concerned about the coastal residents who refuse to evacuate even if a major hurricane is threatening their home and life.

“I love Louisiana because of our resilience,” he says. “But our resilience often makes us stubborn. And what I try to tell people is, ‘you can never win against Mother Nature. The best you can do is fight to a draw.’”

Thibodeaux encourages Louisiana residents to visit GOHSEP’s website,, to help stay hurricane ready. 

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