Andy Grammer says new tour will encourage you to “feel some stuff that you don’t usually feel”


Andy Grammer may have delayed the release of his new album, but his The New Money Tour officially launches July 11 in Asheville, North Carolina. And Andy says he wants to do more than just entertain people during his shows. 

“I want to, like, stop time for a second, and for this next hour or two hours, open up a little bit, where we can feel some stuff that we don’t usually feel,” he tells ABC Audio. “And I still think that we can do that in a pretty upbeat, energetic way.”

“It’s just really fun to create an experience for people,” he adds. “It’s really hard work — and totally the only thing I want to do.”

At this point in his career, Andy’s got a lot of songs he can put on his set list, but there are a few he says he always has to play or risk upsetting fans: his debut single, “Keep Your Head Up,” for one, and his touching 2019 song “Don’t Give Up On Me.”

“I’m not one of those artists who — at least yet — feels like, ‘I don’t want to play that one,"” he says, explaining that it keeps him creative.

“The major big songs are fun to figure out … like, on the last tour we did a version of ‘Honey, I’m Good‘ into [Earth, Wind & Fire‘s] “September,” and that was, like, really kind of a fun way to keep it fresh and interesting,” he says.

“So as you go on, there’s more to choose from, but … it just gets more and more creative,” he adds. “It’s kind of a fun thing that you get to play with — if you’re lucky enough to survive this long.”

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