Anne-Marie releases official video for “UNHEALTHY” featuring Shania Twain


The music video for Anne-Marie‘s single “UNHEALTHY” is here, and it takes us to the wild, wild west.

Released on Friday, June 30, the official video also stars Shania Twain, who features on the track. Dressed to the nines in her silver chic cowgirl outfit, Twain rescues Anne-Marie from being captured by a group of outlaws.

“It’s unhealthy, they just don’t understand/ And when they try to stop me, just know nobody can/ You’re still gon’ be my man,” Anne-Marie and Twain sing together during a cheeky version of a classic Western standoff.

Finger guns are used to defeat the outlaws, before Anne-Marie and Twain ride off on horseback together into the sunset.

“UNHEALTHY” is the third single and title track from Anne-Marie’s upcoming third studio album, which releases on July 28.

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