Ardagh Glass Plant closing in Lincoln Parish


The small village of Simsboro in Lincoln Parish is in shock after learning the Ardagh Glass Packaging Plant will close next month. The plant’s 245 employees were told Wednesday and Simsboro Mayor Sybil Smalling-Foster said news of the closure is a complete surprise.

“Well actually there’s not a whole lot I can tell you about the closing, I was kind of blindsided by it like everybody else was, and this is something totally unexpected,” said Smalling-Foster.

Smalling-Foster said the closure will have a large impact on the community of approximately 1,000 residents because Ardagh is one of the largest employers in the area.

“A lot of people from Simsboro here work out there. They’re not in city limits, they’re in the parish. It’s going to have quite an impact on the housing market and people finding other jobs, the whole nine-yards,” said Smalling-Foster.

About five years ago Smalling-Foster said the plant faced a similar fate but local legislators worked with the manufacturer to keep their doors open. She said it’s not just Simsboro that will be affected by the closure.

“There are a lot people that come from many different places to work at that plant, Acadia, Rushton, Homer. A lot of those smaller towns have people over here working. We’re going to feel it,” said Smalling-Foster.

She said the plant will close on July 17th.

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