Artist activist offers Louisiana a twist on ‘In God We Trust’ signs


Upon the final passage of legislation requiring “In God, We Trust” signs in Louisiana classrooms, a political activist who donated signs in Texas is making the same offer in Louisiana. Signs from Artist Activist Chaz Stevens have a variety of options, they can be in Arabic, Spanish, and even have rainbow-colored backgrounds.

“So, if the text has to be ‘In God We Trust’ has to be the main focus, that allows us to put stuff that’s secondary or out of focus on the poster and that’s where the art will come through,” said Stevens.

The bill authored by Representatives Dodie Horton and Jack McFarland expanded the original legislation that required the “In God We Trust” motto in schools to each classroom.  Stevens believes it crosses the line of the separation of church and state so he’s pushing the envelope.

And because the Bayou State has several foreign language immersion schools, Stevens is offering options in French, Mandarin, and more.

“We’re going to have a Gay Pride edition, a Vulcan edition, a Klingon edition, a satanic edition. I’m a pro-satanist, Satan is going to make his way up to Louisiana along with them,” said Stevens.

To donate to help defer the cost of the signs or to view them visit

“There’s my gallery I have lots of stuff up there. A portion of our proceeds has always gone to benefit AIDS research, so two good deeds with one stone, or one dollar in this case,” said Stevens.

Stevens said he will focus on getting signs to colleges and universities first and work down to K-12 schools.

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