August 1st deadline to receive assistance from Restore Louisiana Program for damages from 2020-2021 storms


The Louisiana Office of Community Development sets a deadline of August 1 for homeowners affected by Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Ida and the May 2021 severe storms to complete the initial survey to participate in the Restore Louisiana Program. Executive Director Pat Forbes says there are still thousands of homeowners statewide who have not completed the survey.

“We know who the folks are from FEMA data we have and we are sending out over 73,000 text messages to folks who we know who should be eligible.”

Restore LA provides grant funding to homeowners affected by the 2020-21 disasters for home repair, reconstruction, and/or reimbursement for repairs already completed. Forbes says the program expanded its criteria for homeowners to qualify.

“If they had less than $50,000 of insurance and/or over $3,000 of FEMA-verified loss they can be eligible. Even if you finish the work, we can reimburse you.” 

Since launching in February 2022, more than 22 thousand homeowners have submitted the survey. Forbes urges homeowners to complete the survey even if they don’t believe they qualify.

“We have ample funding to fulfill the folks’ needs who are eligible for this. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey.”

Affected homeowners can complete the survey at or call 866-735-2001.

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