Bathroom bill advances from Louisiana House


Legislation to restrict the use of bathrooms in schools, prisons, and domestic violence shelters to one’s biological sex passes in the House on a 79-16 vote.

Haughton Representative Dodie Horton supports the bill because it protects females from biological males who identify as females from entering a women’s restroom.

“It’s commonsense legislation that adds protection for your daughters, for females and I’ve never seen so many females stand up against a bill that is to protect women,” said Horton.

New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman said there are real issues they need to address instead of a bill that’s vindictive towards the transgender community.

“When you pass hateful legislation against the LGBTQ community it is very, very spiteful and mean. And people leave our state because of it,” said Freeman.

Freeman referred to a gay physician in her district who moved, along with his family, to another state because of anti-LGBTQ laws that have been enacted in Louisiana.

Horton said the bill is not anti-anyone, it’s about protecting children against predators.

“No one says trans are predators. There are predators out there, believe me, and I pray that this bill will stop, at least help people think twice about going into a bathroom that they don’t belong in,” said Horton.

Freeman said the small transgender population, which makes up 1.4% of the US residents, are not known to be sex offenders so why prohibit them from using the bathroom of their choice on a state level?

“The highest risk of a sex offender is white males. So, should we keep them out of all the bathrooms? That’s probably a great idea,” said Freeman.

Bill author Denham Springs Representative Roger Wilder said he’s working with domestic violence advocates on House Bill 608 because such legislation will keep them from receiving federal funds which is most of their budget.


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