Bill to better define what is considered medically necessarily in relation to abortion pre-filed


Among the bills filed for the regular legislative session is one to amend definitions related to abortion. New Orleans Representative Candace Newell said her bill clears up confusion so the removal of a miscarriage would not be considered an abortion.

“And if that stays in her for a long period of time it could cause complications where there could be the death of the mother as well,” said Newell.

The bill also defines that the removal of an ectopic pregnancy is not considered an abortion. Newell said women shouldn’t be forced to carry an ectopic pregnancy because it’s not viable and it can cause their fallopian tubes to burst. As the law reads now, she said physicians can face criminal penalties.

“And that’s stress that we should not put our physicians through and that is pain and suffering that we definitely should not put a woman through,” said Newell.

Since Roe v Wade was overturned abortions are completely banned except for the case in which a fetus is found non-viable, or the mother’s life is at risk. Newell said the current law is not clear and healthcare providers are fearful of prosecution.

“Just to make sure that it’s clear so that we don’t lose any more healthcare providers and unnecessarily lose any more of our citizens,” said Newell.

Under current law whoever commits the crime of abortion shall be imprisoned for no less than a year or more than 10 years and fined no less than $10,000 or more than $100,000.

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