Bill to incentivize gun safety advancing in the legislature


Legislation to incentivize gun owners with a $500 tax credit to buy safety devices for their firearms has bipartisan support as it makes its way through the legislature. New Orleans Democrat Mandie Landry said the devices can help prevent children from being killed in accidental shootings and guns from being stolen.

“And while this is just one drop in that bucket, I do think it will assist, especially with people leaving guns in their cars,” said Landry.

Landry has been a longtime proponent of gun safety and said her bill can also help address the rampant issue of guns being stolen in her district.

“But primarily because the number one cause of the death of children in the country is gun accidents,” said Landry.

When it comes to legislation involving firearms it’s usually divided but Landry said gun safety is a topic that has bipartisan support. She said in Virginia similar legislation even received support from the NRA.

“As a way to bring sort of the two extreme competing sides on gun issues together, because that’s where everyone is really aligned and that’s on gun safety,” said Landry.

If the full Senate supports the bill it will head to the Governor’s desk.

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