Bill to limit gubernatorial terms to two, filed for regular session


Legislation to place a lifetime limit of two terms as governor in Louisiana has been filed for the upcoming regular session. Chalmette Republican, Representative Mike Bayham said serving as governor is one of the highest honors any civilian can have in the state.

“I think in a state that’s got over 4.5 million people; you mean to tell me that the only people we can find are ones that have already served?” Bayham questioned.

In Louisiana, a governor can serve two consecutive terms and then must sit out the next election cycle but can run again in four years. Bayham wants to limit gubernatorial terms to two and no more.

“If Louisiana’s going to find its future, they’re not going to find in their past. Two terms are good enough for President of the United States why is it not sufficient for Louisiana?” Bayham asked.

In the 20th century, he said two governors, Edwin Edwards and Earl Long, served for a combined 25 years. When asked if the legislation is to keep former Governors Bobby Jindal and John Bel Edwards from running again, Bayham said the bill is about changing the political culture and future of Louisiana.

“We need to quit putting our faith in particular politicians and political families and look at the credentials of a new generation of leaders coming forward and not trying to find our saviors in the political past,” said Bayham.

If passed by the legislature the change would be added as a constitutional amendment and go before voters in the November general election.

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