Bill to make social media use safer for minors advances in Louisiana legislature


A bill to ban social media platforms from allowing minors to have their own account without parental consent passed in the Senate but it would only go into effect if funds are allocated for enforcement.

“Senate Bill 162 is part of a larger movement across the country to put parental controls over social media in an attempt to curb the mental health crisis,” said bill author Covington Senator Patrick McMath.

Minors in the bill are defined as ages 15 and younger.

If enacted, McMath said the Attorney General’s Office would be tasked with investigating and enforcing the bill.

“The bill also prohibits certain data collections, limiting time that a minor can use social media platforms, and again it allows the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and enforce the provisions of this law,” said McMath.

McMath said Utah and Arkansas have passed similar legislation and so far, it appears that some of the larger social media outlets are agreeable to such changes.

“I do want to say that for the first time, Facebook and some of the other social media platforms have been cooperating I think they see where the national movement is going,” said McMath.

The Senate passed the bill on a 37-0 vote, and it advances to the lower chamber.

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