Bill to provide paid family medical leave in Louisiana pulled from consideration


After a lengthy discussion on a bill in committee to add paid Family Medical Leave benefits in Louisiana, the legislation was voluntarily deferred. Alexandria Representative Ed Larvadain presented the bill in House Labor and Industrial Relations on behalf of Representative Aimee Freeman.

“For example, if you have to travel or take care of a parent who’s currently sick, this leave will allow you to go visit and be compensated,” said Larvadain.

Committee members heard from experts on how the program would work and how other states with similar programs operate. Larvadain said the Louisiana program would pay benefits for 12 weeks.  Federal law currently allows 12 weeks of leave, but those weeks are unpaid, and it also secures your position when you return to work.

“This bill helps families in emergency situations only. This bill has certain outlines and if it doesn’t qualify then you can’t get this up to 12 weeks while you get paid,” said Larvadain.

Larvadain opted to pull House Bill 596 for consideration this session because committee members couldn’t agree on how the program would be implemented.

“Right now, we’ve got to get in a posture so we can get it passed and we’re going to look at it probably next session,” said Larvadain.

Larvadain said three out of four workers in Louisiana do not have paid medical leave.


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