Bill to repeal the state’s income tax stalls in House Ways and Means


The House Ways and Means Committee takes no action on a bill that calls for Louisiana to repeal the state income tax in 2026. Columbia Representative Neil Riser says for over a decade there’s been talk about eliminating the state income tax and his bill would commit the state to doing it.

“Are we going to think about it or are we actually going to set a date?” Riser said. “If we set that date than we are throwing our hat over the wall and we got to go get it,” Riser said.

Repealing the state income tax would result in an annual five-billion dollar revenue loss. Riser recommends eliminating dozens of different state tax credits to offset the revenue loss. House Ways and Means Chairperson Julie Emerson supports repealing the state income tax, but let’s make this a priority for the legislature next year.

“I appreciate the 2026 start, because I do I think we can accomplish this next year in our fiscal session and there’s a lot of conversation about the potential constitutional convention, if it happens and how does it affects repealing the state income tax,” Emerson said.

No vote was taken on Riser’s bill after a brief discussion on Monday morning. Chris Alexander with the Louisiana Citizens Advocacy Group spoke in favor of the bill.

“I know there are other issues, how do you fill a shortfall and all of that, but people in Louisiana feel taxed to death,” Alexander said.


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