Billie Eilish says it’s “absolutely infuriating” when fans throw stuff at her onstage


Lately, artists have been making headlines for being hit with objects that their fans throw onstage, but Billie Eilish says she doesn’t know why this is suddenly big news.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of the Barbie movie on July 9, the “bad guy” singer pointed out, “I’ve been getting hit on stage with things for like, literally, six years, I don’t know why this is like new.  People just get excited and it can be dangerous.”

When her brother, FINNEAS, observed that most people who throw things onstage aren’t actually trying to hit the artist, Eilish responded, “It’s absolutely infuriating when you’re up there.”

“I have mixed feelings about it, because when you’re up there it blows,” she continued. “But you know, it’s out of love and they’re just trying to give you something. You’re in a vulnerable position, but I’ve been getting hit with stuff for, like, years.”

FINNEAS then addressed fans directly, stating, “Don’t do it — we get it but don’t do it.” Eilish added, “Don’t throw things on stage, but we love you; it’s very sweet.”

The siblings also talked about contributing the song “What Was I Made For?” to the Barbie soundtrack. They admitted they told the Barbie team they’d write a song, but they really just wanted to see some of the movie early.

As Eilish joked, she thought, “Maybe we won’t make a song but I want to see it! Are you kidding me? I want to see Margot Robbie be Margot Robbie as Barbie. Are you kidding me? That’s my dream.” Ultimately, FINNEAS said, “We were super inspired to write a song.”


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