Blue Öyster Cult’s Albert Bouchard to release final installment in his ‘Imaginos’ trilogy


Blue Öyster Cult drummer and founding member Albert Bouchard is set to release a new album, Imaginos III – Mutant Reformation, on July 7. 

The album is the third and final record in Bouchard’s trilogy of Imaginos, following 2021’s Imaginos 2 — Bombs Over Germany and 2020’s Re Imaginos, which was a reworked version of Blue Öyster Cult’s 1988 concept album Imaginos.

The albums have all been inspired by the writings of the late producer and songwriter Sandy Pearlman, which centered on an alien conspiracy happening in the 1800s and early 1900s through the actions of an evil character named Imaginos.

“Sandy’s not being here to feel the long-awaited culmination is perhaps the greatest irony of this epic journey through the invisibility of conspiracy, the shape-shifting, and eternal light that is Desdinova,” Bouchard says. “But legend lives on, as will tales told ‘round the fire of when Man still walked the Earth, and the carnage had yet to begin.”

And Bouchard is giving fans a taste of Imaginos III with the release of his new take on the Blue Öyster Cult track “E.T.I.,” featuring his brother, Blue Öyster Cult bassist and singer Joe Bouchard.

Imaginos III – Mutant Reformation is available for preorder now.

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