Britney Spears says she wrote a new song


Is Britney Spears returning to music after all?

In her memoir, The Woman in Me, she wrote, “Pushing forward in my musical career is not my focus at the moment” — but in an Instagram post Sunday, she revealed she has composed a new song.

“I wrote a new song !!!” she wrote. “Hate you to like me !!! No beef with anyone … just being a narcissist in a claimed, self-entitled way !!! It’s to accumulate interest by giving ego with my eyes closed because I hear important people do that these days.”

She accompanied the post with a close-up photo of her face, eyes closed.

Britney’s last music release was a collaboration with Elton John on the 2022 single “Hold Me Closer.”

She wrote in her book that she was struggling with the decision on whether to perform again, explaining,
“I’m enjoying dancing and singing the way I used to when I was younger and not trying to do it for my family’s benefit, not trying to get something, but doing it for me and my genuine love of it.”

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