CABL review of the regular legislative session


Governor Jeff Landry’s first regular legislative session ended Monday night. Council for a Better Louisiana President, Barry Erwin said there were several anticipated important issues that lawmakers addressed and others that popped up in the session…

“Things like the big issue over public records, over appointments to boards and commissions that kind of came by surprise, and then we had the Constitutional Convention which was a major issue of discussion, and that ended up not going anywhere,” said Erwin.

Erwin said it’s possible that a Constitutional Convention could still be held, for example, if Governor Landry called for what would be his third special session this year.

Among the biggest issues lawmakers passed, Erwin said was a package of bills to lower insurance rates.

“But I think the question is are they going to do the trick? Are they going to be enough to actually bring more insurers into the state and bring down costs? We’ll have to wait and see if it works, but that was pretty significant,” said Erwin.

Erwin said a big win for the governor was the passage of the Gator Scholarship Program. The Education Savings Account bill that passed wasn’t what was proposed initially. Erwin said the program is going to be smaller in scale.

“And probably on a much longer runway or timeline than some people had hoped but the legislation did in fact pass and Louisiana’s going to join a number of other states that do have these particular savings accounts,” said Erwin.

The Gator Scholarship Program is set to begin in the next school year.


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