Caddo Parish Sheriff Prator will not to seek re-election


After close to 50 years in law enforcement, Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator announces he will not seek re-election. Prator said a recent diagnosis of a treatable cardiac condition played a role in his decision.

“I’m completely healthy, that needs to be the headline, I just wanted to be personal with you all and to tell you what drove this decision,” said Prator.

Prator said fundraising for his campaign was not an issue whatsoever and he had all intentions to seek re-election and donations to his campaign will be returned to donors. He said he’s not resigning and that he will continue to serve as sheriff for the next 12 months.

“I’m healthy I’m still working hard and at the end of 12 months I’m trying to figure out a way that a private citizen can somehow fight crime and do something about our criminal justice system in Caddo Parish,” said Prator.

Prator is among the longest-serving sheriffs in Caddo Parish, and at the end of his current term, he will have served 24 years. Prator said he wanted to announce his decision because there are only six weeks left to qualify for the office.

“And then you have another two months or whatever between qualifying and the election. There is time for viable candidates to run and have a successful campaign,” said Prator.

Prator’s career in law enforcement began in 1973 as a patrol officer in Shreveport. He then worked homicide, robbery, sex crimes, and narcotics before being appointed Chief of the Shreveport Police Department. His term as sheriff began in July of 2000.

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