Call it what you want: New Jersey to welcome Taylor Swift this weekend with … a sandwich?


As Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour has stopped in cities across the U.S., they’ve all seemed to try to outdo each other in celebrating the occasion. They’ve given her the key to the city, named streets after her, invited her to be the mayor for a day — Glendale, Arizona, even renamed itself Swift City in her honor. So what will Taylor get when her tour hits New Jersey Friday night? Not much.

In a video Thursday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced that in honor of Taylor, he’s putting to rest a long-standing statewide debate about what you call the stuff you put in a ham, egg and cheese sandwich. Some people call it Taylor ham; others call it pork roll.

“Usually we let you ‘call it what you want,"” Murphy said, referring to the title of one of Taylor’s songs. “But since we have a superstar coming to town, we know ‘All Too Well’ that we should commemorate the occasion. So today, we are declaring the official state sandwich of New Jersey a ‘Taylor Swift ham, egg and cheese."”

“Welcome back to New Jersey, Taylor — we’ve been waiting for you,” he concluded. “And it would’ve been a ‘Cruel Summer’ without you.” The video ends with a photo of the official sandwich proclamation.

While fans may have found that a bit underwhelming, they’re probably more upset that the venue in which she’s performing — MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford — is not allowing “Taylor-gating” unless you have a ticket.

While fans at other stadiums have been showing up and partying in the parking lot even without tickets, the New Jersey State Police tweeted, “Parking lots will be at maximum capacity and unauthorized crowds will create traffic and safety concerns.”

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