Candidates in race for Louisiana Governor must turn in updated campaign finance reports today


Candidates running for statewide office this fall must submit updated campaign finance reports to the state Ethics Board today. Republican Jeff Landry is expected to report nine million dollars cash on hand. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says that’s a huge number for his opponents to try and keep up with…

“If it holds up that he has $4.5 million raised, $9 million total that would be a power, strong, healthy amount of money and it sets the bar for the non-Landry candidates for competitiveness.” 

There are seven major candidates running for governor. Slidell Gubernatorial candidates, State Senator Sharon Hewitt and Mandeville Representative Richard Nelson reported less than $1 million during first quarter campaign reports. Stockley says this is an important benchmark for all the candidates…

“If you haven’t raised a million dollars, it would be fair to question do you have the ability to raise money. It is powerful still in terms of who are the perceived competitive candidates.” 

Stockley says former transportation secretary and lone Democrat Shawn Wilson reported less than $1 million dollars but could see a surge in donations over the upcoming months.

“He still might have a situation where donors are holding out, just in case there is a surprise Democrat. If Shawn Wilson remains the only Democrat, I would certainly expect an acceleration of his ability to raise money.”

Qualifying for the governor’s race is from August 8th to the 10th. The primary is set for October 14th.


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