Cardi B and Bia go back and forth with diss tracks


Cardi B‘s verse on Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla‘s “Wanna Be (Remix)” has prompted a diss track from a rapper who was seemingly mentioned in the song. Cardi raps in the remix, “Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B****, please, don’t nobody wanna be ya/ Cheap lookin’ a** ho, weak lookin’ a** ho/ Great Value me lookin’ a** ho,” to which Bia has now responded.

In “Sue Meee?” Bia claims Cardi and husband Offset cheated on each other, and attacks Cardi’s songwriting abilities and reading level, among other things.

“Put it on your hubby since you love lying on your vows/ I write all my verses, I can do this s*** for hours/ I be d***** I let a n**** f*** a b**** inside my house,” she raps.

She continues, “All that surgery and how your body looks so mid/ Thought your a** was for the culture, you just tryin’ to ride the wave/ You should be home with your kids ’cause b****, you speak like second grade.”

Cardi has since threatened legal action, claiming Bia’s allegations are false. “I’m a sue you and you got to come with receipts,” Cardi said on a recent Instagram Live session. “And not social media receipts, court receipts. I will get every little f******* red penny that you ever f****** make, b****. Every money that you make off your publishing. So find something safe to do.”

Bia later replied, “’SUE ME???’ That’s not hip hop.”

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