Centenary College in Shreveport announce a $50 million funding initiative to improve facilities and programs ahead of its 200th anniversary


Centenary College in Shreveport announces it’s raising $50 million dollars to improve the four-year liberal arts school ahead of its bicentennial anniversary in 2025. Centenary spokesperson Kate Pedrotty says 20 million dollars will fund new infrastructure and upgrades to the School of Health Sciences – Mickle Hall.

“There’s a lot of kind of flexible space that could be used for some more interactive labs. My favorite part of it is there’s kind of a lot of light that’s being brought into the building through a very airy glass-enclosed pavilion.”

The renovations will also include new state-of-the-art laboratories.

Pedrotty says $10 million will support the transformation fund which will support new academic and co-curricular programs. She says the return of football will boost recruitment for the university.

“On the co-curricular side, the reintroduction of NCAA football to our list of athletics offerings. We haven’t had football on the Centenary campus in a varsity format for about 70 years. So that’s been very exciting.”

Pedrotty says the college has already raised $37 million of the $50 million campaign goal. She says the campaign will also support endowed scholarship expansion and is a major component of operational support.

“We are really excited about the prospect of continuing to grow enrollment with the improvements and advancements that are going to be made by the capital campaign in all areas. So we expect that that will is just going to continue to grow.”

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