Coastal master plan approved for 2023


State lawmakers have approved the 2023 coastal master plan, which is the state’s vision for the long-term sustainability of South Louisiana. The chairman of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Chip Kline, says the plan was developed utilizing the best available science and engineering, as well as public input.

“In 50 years, Louisiana will have less flood risk than we do today if we implement every single project within the master plan,” said Kline.

State lawmakers also approved a financial annual plan for coastal restoration projects. Kline says one point-six billion dollars will be used to fund 147 projects across the coast.

“We are referring to next year as the year of the dredge, that is because we have over 20 dredging projects across south Louisiana that will create over 15,000 acres of new land,” said Kline.

It’s estimated that an investment in our coast at this level will create nearly nine-thousand jobs.

Kline says before the legislative session ends, lawmakers have the opportunity to appropriate another 157 million dollars in surplus money for flood protection projects. But he says at this point legislators have yet to agree to do this.

“Do they want to go home at the end of the session and tell their constituents they were able to secure additional revenue for levees,  pump stations, and surge barriers or do they want to go home and tell their constituents that they decided not to take advantage of that opportunity,” said Kline.



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