Congressman Carter on SCOTUS student loan forgiveness ruling


The US Supreme Court ruling that President Biden overstepped his authority to forgive federally backed student loans is receiving criticism. New Orleans Congressman Troy Carter said it’s a bad day for liberty, and it sends the wrong message to students who’ve worked hard to get their college degrees.

“It’s a joke and it’s a slap in the face to the American people that even someone would try to block the ability of the President to provide help,” said Carter.

Carter said the decision will limit the ability for many to purchase a home, start a business and spend extra money in local economies.

“We’ve invested money to save automobile dealerships and banks, yet we find it unconstitutional to invest in the American people and to give them relief,” said Carter.

The court’s ruling on student debt forgiveness on the heels of affirmative action being overturned for college admission, Carter said, is another example of politics in the nation’s highest court.

“And I’m afraid that the sanctity of the Supreme Court is once again tainted by politics instead of by policy,” said Carter.

Carter said the federal government regularly forgives the debt of businesses, industries, and even small countries and students deserve the same.


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