Crimestoppers joins family of man killed a decade ago to increase reward amount in hopes of new information in case


The parents of 29-year-old Donovan Bailey who was killed in Reserve in 2013  have joined with Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans to increase the reward amount for new tips in the cold case. President Darlene Causanza hopes increasing the amount will garner new leads in the case.

“The family was hoping once again that if they offered an additional award joining with our money it’s $17,500. They put up $15,000. They can get the closure; the actual tips would be needed to make the final arrest.”

Bailey was driving his van with his friends when someone opened fire and shot him in the torso in the 300 block of East 13th Street. Causanza says an arrest was made in 2014 …

“This person was arrested and charged but regretfully he was released because they did not have enough corroborating witness evidence. It was information that came through Crimestoppers that actually helped to identify this person but ultimately he was released.”

Causanza encourages anyone who knows something to send in any leads.

“No matter which way you come to us, it’s completely anonymous. We’re not tracking your identity. We’re not asking you to have to testify. You’re really just giving us the information which we hope could open up the investigation again to make the arrest.”

Anyone with leads should contact Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111, download the  CSGNO app, or visit to post a tip.

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