Demi Lovato reveals the first time she felt a “glimmer of hope” in her mental health journey


Demi Lovato has long been candid about her struggle with mental health, and during a New York City event Monday she described her despair and the moment she finally saw light at the end of the tunnel.

As People reports, during The Center For Youth Mental Health at New York-Presbyterian’s annual benefit, Demi said, “I have been to inpatient treatment five times, and it has something that every single time I walked back into a treatment center, I felt defeated.”

Demi said that ahead of her fifth in-patient treatment, “It felt like I had hit rock bottom and I just knew what I needed to do, which was to live a life in recovery. And that was something that I pushed off for so long.”

She continued, “I think the glimmer of hope started to change when I started to find joy [in] the little things in life. And that was something that was so foreign to me before because I was so used to, so used to not seeing hope.” Demi also said getting on the right medication “helped me tremendously.”

Through her trials, Demi said, she learned that her mental health “isn’t who I am,” adding, “It’s just a part of what makes me me. … It’s just become something about me that makes me a little interesting, I guess you could say.”

Things seem to be going pretty well for Demi these days: She’s engaged to be married and recently returned from what looks like a great trip to Hawaii.

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