Demon players says they want to finish the football season


After the fatal shooting of Northwestern State football player Ronnie Caldwell, the season was canceled. But Sophomore tight end Travon Jones has started a petition to change that. On the Natchitoches Parish Journal Podcast, he said players were never asked about ending the season.

“So as far as we knew we were playing until they told us at the team meeting, which was a big shock to everyone,” said Jones.

Jones said they learned last Wednesday at a team meeting their was season was ending early. When asked how many fellow players wanted to continue playing Jones said three-fourths of the team.

“Just off of the change of energy in the room, in the team meeting, and then also talking to people outside of the team meeting and stuff like that. Obviously, a lot of people wanted to play,” said Jones.

Since Jones started the petition, he said he’s not received any feedback from the school’s administration or coaches. Jones said being able to play football is the best way for him and fellow teammates to handle their grief. When he lost a loved one before previous coaches agreed to play on.

“They said that’s the way to cope. So, it’s just frustrating and it’s hard mentally when that coping mechanism is taken away,” said Jones.

Last week NSU President Marcus said they were canceling the season for the mental health of the remaining players.

You can find the petition at “We Want to finish our 2023 season out.”


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