Department of Education unveils first hurricane preparedness “playbook” for schools


Louisiana Department of Education launches its first hurricane preparedness playbook for schools. State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley says this serves as a collection of recommendations for system administrators on how to prepare for natural disasters.

“What we’re doing here in advance of this particular hurricane season is trying to get this information out to the hands of system leaders and principals as soon as possible.”

LDOE’s Protect Louisiana Schools Hurricane Preparedness Commission brought together experts to formulate comprehensive recommendations to help equip school systems with the necessary tools to help school systems prepare for the peak of hurricane season. Brumley says the guidebook addresses several areas on how to protect students and staff before, during, and after a hurricane…

“We have sections on how to delegate response teams. When we’re thinking about the immediate lead-up to the storm, we’re talking about what communication needs to look like and the aftermath of the storm and response. We’re talking about how to complete damage assessment.”

Brumley says a playbook of this kind did not exist when he became superintendent in 2020. He says it was an opportunity to solve a challenge and empower school systems with the tools to protect their staff and students…

“We just wanted to step into the void. Create a playbook and make that available to school systems across our state. So they know how to better prepare for storms. And so we’re happy to put this out into the fields. Hopefully, it’s not necessary or needed but it’s better to be prepared.”

Brumley says this playbook could be a model and a guide for other states across the nation.

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