Don’t ask Dean Lewis to design your tattoo: “It’s the most stressful thing in the world”


Dean Lewis is currently touring Europe, but he’ll get to the U.S. this fall. Dean says he enjoys meeting fans outside the venue after his shows, but please — don’t ask him for help designing your tattoo.

Dean says from the very start of his career, fans would get his lyrics tattooed on their bodies. But the part he doesn’t like is when they ask him to write down the lyrics so they can have the tattoo in his handwriting.

“It’s so nerve-racking,” he tells ABC Audio. “Say you come out after show and there’s 30 people out there … at like 11:30 at night in the cold. And they’ll be like, ‘Here’s a pen and paper. Can you write my favorite lyric?’ Because they’re going to get this tattooed. And my handwriting is, like, y’know … unique.”

Dean says these requests totally stress him out, because between his weird handwriting and the pressure, he’s afraid it’ll come out looking illegible, or just plain bad.

“I try to write it down, like, three times because I want it to be good,” he says. “And sometimes they ask me to draw something. I’m the worst. I’ve got no talent.”

“And honestly, it’s just the most stressful thing in the world, because I’m like, ‘This is not going to be as good as you think it will be,"” he warns. “And I try to make the handwriting nice and cool, but … it’s just too much pressure.” 

Just keep that in mind when Dean’s tour kicks off September 17 in Minneapolis. It’s much easier for him to deal with all the fans crying as he sings his emotional hit “How Do I Say Goodbye.”

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