DOTD launch Statewide Transportation Plan website to engage Louisianans in the statewide infrastructure planning process


State Transportation is making it easier for Louisianans to give input on infrastructure and transportation projects through a new website.  Spokesperson Rodney Mallet says latransportationplan-dot-la-dot-gov details the state’s transportation plan and infrastructure landscape through 2055.

“We look at the revenue that we have and we project it out for many many years. Thirty years to see what we would need to do some of these mega projects.”

The website will also allow DOTD to engage the public as they update several modal plans including updates to aviation, freight, and rail plans. Mallett says the user-friendly portal features straightforward navigation and it gives individuals the opportunity to provide their thoughts on future projects…

“Like the I-10 widening project in Baton Rouge, Barksdale interchange in Bossier, Jimmy Davis Bride in Shreveport, Belle Chase, the Loyola Interchange. All of those projects are in the statewide transportation plan.”

The last time the statewide transportation plan was updated was in 2015.  Mallet says the goal is to provide more opportunities to identify areas where improvements are critical.

“This is an opportunity for the public, elected officials, MOP’s, and stakeholders, to provide insight into what they would like to see mega project-wise and policy-wise.”

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