Early voting for the November 18th election is underway and turnout slightly higher than expected


With an anticipated low voter turnout of less than 15 percent for the November 18th election, early voting indicates turnout might be slightly higher than anticipated. And John Tobler with the Secretary of State’s Office expects turnout to increase on election day.

“It’s happening at a decent pace. We would always love to see it be higher but folks are taking advantage of the opportunity to early vote. People are voting and that’s a good sign.”

Nearly 178 thousand voters showed up to cast their ballot at the close of early voting yesterday.

Out of nearly 3 million registered voters, only 36 percent showed up for the October 18th gubernatorial election. With only one full day left to vote, Tobler reminds everyone polls open at 8:30 am and close at 6:00 pm.

“Early voting is not happening tomorrow because of the observed holiday for Veteran’s Day. So we have today and Saturday as the last two days of early voting.”

There are four constitutional amendments and three statewide offices that are still in play with a runoff. Tobler says GEAUXVOTE dot com…

“Gives you the ability to create a sample ballot and store it. See all the options that you have. All the races and propositions and constitutional amendments that are on your ballot.”

Voters can also visit www.sos.la.gov for information.

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