Excessive heat advisory posted for Louisiana this week


An excessive heat warning has been issued this week as Louisiana is dealing with its first lengthy heatwave of the summer. LRN Meteorologist John Wetherbee says new record high temperatures may be broken.

“That heat dome that’s been over Texas is now starting to slide this way and it’s not moderating either. With heat indices way above the danger level up to 113 and later in the week maybe up to 120.”

Heat indices ranging from 100 to 104 degrees are forecasted for Shreveport this afternoon. Tomorrow, Alexandria could see a heat index of 114 degrees. Wetherbee says heat-related issues can develop quickly when heat indices get this high.

“Several parishes are under excessive heat warnings. That means don’t go outside at all. And most of the state may be under such a warning later in the week but most of us today are dealing with heat advisories.”

Dangerous heat with peak index values of 113-119 degrees is expected for all of southeastern LA tomorrow.

Wetherbee says we could see a break from the extreme heat.

“Even with an active area weather of thunderstorms pushing from North Louisiana down into the Central part of the state today, we’ll see some rain cooling but you still need to be heat smart.”

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