Fate of Louisiana’s 2024 congressional map to be decided in lower court or at the state capitol


News of the Supreme Court of the United States lifting a hold on Louisiana’s Congressional map case makes it highly likely the map will be redrawn to have two black-majority-district instead of one. Public Service Commissioner Davante Lewis was among the voters who sued the state because the map was not indicative of the state’s 33% Black population.

“And so, the Supreme Court’s ruling today I think validates those concerns that so many have talked about and puts us on a path of justice I believe,” said Lewis.

The Louisiana case was before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals before SOCTUS placed a hold on it. Lewis said Judge Shelly Dick could rule to use the congressional map she was having drawn or let the Governor decide if he should call another re-districting session.

“When the Supreme Court stepped in it was days before Judge Dick was going to draw a map herself and there was still some time before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals would hear the actual merits of the case,” said Lewis.

Lewis said he’s pleased with the ruling that opens the door for the maps to be revised before the next congressional election in Louisiana.

“I think the merits of this case will prevail at the lower court and withstand the last judicial challenges and then for 2024 Black Louisianans for the first time will have the equal representation that they deserve in Congress,” said Lewis.

State Senate Majority Leader, Republican Senator Sharon Hewitt issued a statement on the ruling. She said she respects the judicial process and looks forward to having our day in court concerning the maps.

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