Father’s Day 2023: Phillip Phillips says being a dad is “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do”


Phillip Phillips‘ new album, Drift Back, is his first in five years. One of the things he’s been doing since his last album is being a dad: He and wife Hannah welcomed their son, Patch, in 2019. Ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18, Phillip says he finds fatherhood challenging.

“He’s just the coolest little kid. He drives me absolutely nuts, but he’s awesome. Just so funny,” Phillip says of Patch. “But … being a dad is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. And I think it will always be that way.”

The former American Idol champ says he realizes there’s no such thing as a perfect dad, but he’ll keep working on it.

“I don’t get it right every day with him, but I’m trying to do the best I possibly can, and just kiss him and play with him,” he laughs. “Play the same games every day! And y’know, I think that’s what love is.”

At least Phillip can say Patch is definitely a fan of his music: He inspired a few songs on the record, but more importantly, Phillip says, he was there for its entire creation.

“He knows every word to every song on this album,” Phillip says. In fact, when Phillip listens to the album to figure out which songs he should perform live, Patch won’t let him turn off or skip any of them.

“He’ll go, ‘No, go back to Daddy’s song!"” Phillip says. “And man, he’ll just sing it so loud! I got videos of him. It’s so funny.” 

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