Federal judge orders ex-LSU coach Les Miles to testify in Sharon Lewis retaliation and harassment suit


A federal judge in New Orleans has ordered former LSU football coach Les Miles will need to give a deposition in Sharon Lewis’ lawsuit against the LSU Board of Supervisors. Lewis is a former associate athletic director and claims LSU created a hostile work environment and retaliated against her after she tried to report Miles sexually harassed a student. Tiger Rag Editor Todd Horne says the judge also ordered LSU to provide a bunch of documents that were previously withheld.

“It opens up basically a treasure trove for the Sharon Lewis’ legal team of more information,” said Horne.

Miles has been out of the public eye since 2021 when it became public knowledge that Miles was investigated for sexual harassment in 2013 while he was still the coach at LSU. Horne says LSU has to be uneasy about Miles answering questions under oath from Lewis’ defense team.

“I don’t believe LSU relishes the idea of Les Miles testifying in an open court setting,” said Horne.

Eight current and former LSU Board of Supervisor members have also been ordered to give depositions. Horne says U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan also pushed the trial date back from May 22 to December 11.

“Basically what she’s doing is giving Sharon Lewis’ team more time for discovery which they won the right to that discovery by getting three motions in their favor over the last three weeks,” said Horne.

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