First real cold front of the season will bring chilling temps for Halloween


The first significant fall cold front is about to blanket the state, just in time for Halloween. State Climatologist Barry Keim said it will usher in very dry and cool Canadian air and will stick around for a few days. Highs today in north Louisiana will be in the 50s and in the 60s for the southern half.

“But by tomorrow the front will have cleared the entire state. You can expect low temperatures in the 40s across north Louisiana, in the 50s across south Louisiana with highs temperatures only in the 50s and 60s across the state,” said Keim.

And fingers crossed it will bring some rain to the drought-ridden state.

“But here’s the catch we’re not expecting much rain out of this, probably ten, twenty-percent chance across the whole state, so if you get some consider yourself lucky,” said Keim.

As for Wednesday and Thursday, Keim said you’ll want to grab an extra blanket or two with lows in the thirties in northern parishes, forties in the southern parishes, and highs in the 60s.

“I even think that we’re going to see probably a light freeze in some areas across northern parishes on Wednesday and Thursday so just kind of be prepared for that. Not so much of a danger across south Louisiana where we’re expecting temperatures in the forties,” said Keim.

For Halloween, the temps will start to drop once the sun goes down. so Keim said to be sure to dress the trick-or-treaters accordingly.


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