For his new TV comedy, “terrible actor” Charlie Puth says he hopes he “translates onto a TV”


In May, Roku announced that Charlie Puth would be starring in an unscripted comedy series for the platform called Charlie Makes a Record. Charlie says he’s hoping that his real life will actually look okay onscreen.

Speaking to WSJ. Magazine, Charlie says of the project, “I’m a terrible actor, so I’m just going to act like myself and hopefully that translates onto a TV. I think it will.” He adds, “The show is basically a more in depth story depiction of how I come up with music and following me along in my life and how sound affects it.” 

Roku originally described the six-episode series as a show that would document Charlie’s attempts to balance making music and dealing with stardom while “trying to silence the oppressive sense of crippling solitude racing through his head.”  There’s no premiere date yet for the show.

In addition to the TV show, Charlie also working on a new record, the follow up to 2022’s CHARLIE. He tells WSJ. Magazine, “I think this new album, I feel a completely different way about just everything. I’m experiencing new things in life and have a completely different perspective.”

The interview also reveals some personal things about the “Light Switch” singer, like his one vice — Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccinos and a cake pop — and his haircare routine.

“It’s kind of a gross answer, but I rarely wash my hair,” he admits. “I put this stuff on, Leonor Greyl. It’s like $80. It’s the only thing that brings out the curls.”

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