Gabby Barrett drops new song on motherhood from ‘Chapter & Verse’


Gabby Barrett has released “Growin’ Up Raising You,” the newest preview of her forthcoming album, Chapter & Verse, arriving February 2.

Written with Jon NiteZach Kale and Jimmy Robbins, the autobiographical ballad chronicles Gabby’s candid reflection on being a 23-year-old mother.

“We’ll get it wrong, we’ll get it right/ Whole lotta tears we’ll both have to cry/ You’ll learn to run, I’ll learn to let go/ Years will go fast, nights will go slow/ Lord knows the best thing that I’ll ever do/ Will be growin’ up raising you,” Gabby sings.

“‘Growin’ Up Raising You’ is a very sensitive song for me,” she shares. “I’m only 23 – I don’t have all the answers to everything, and I haven’t gotten everything figured out. I’m doing the best that I can while trying to raise other people to be the best people they can be.”

“I feel so blessed to be able to have three little lives that I can help to flourish while I’m also trying to figure out life myself,” Gabby adds.

In addition to the newly released track, Chapter & Verse will feature its lead single, “Glory Days,” and “Cowboy Back.”

More details on Chapter & Verse, including a full track list, will be announced soon.

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