Global biz software company to move its U.S. HQ to New Orleans


Global business software company 360Insights announces it will move its U.S. headquarters from Delaware to New Orleans. Louisiana Economic Development says the company will bring at least 50 direct jobs and another 50-plus indirect jobs to the Crescent City.  Josh Fleig (“FLEG”) is Senior VP of Business Dev elopement with Greater New Orleans Inc. He says the deal had been under works for over a year…:

“This is a big move for New Orleans and a big boost for our economy; especially for our technology and software development sector.”

Fleig says GNO Inc. worked with the New Orleans Business alliance and Louisiana Economic development to attract 360Insights to move to the Bayou State. He says the state’s Digital Software Development Tax Credit program was a big enticement…:

“Louisiana has one of THE most valuable software development tax credits in the country. And so that was one of the core driving components to the value proposition of landing these guys here in the area.”

Fleig says the company’s CEO has already moved to New Orleans and begun groundwork for the move. He says the interview and hiring process has already gotten underway…:

“Ideally, they’ll hit 50 direct jobs over the next couple years – two to three years. And the average salary around $85-thousand.”

360Insights expects to be fully staffed in New Orleans within two years.


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