GOP-controlled Senate approves bill to prohibit gender-affirming medical care for transgender minors: nearing final passage


On a 29-10 vote, the Louisiana Senate approves legislation that would ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth. Monroe Senator Jay Morris argued for passage of the measure, saying it will protect children from life-altering medical procedures…

“There was a woman who said here under six-year-old child – I know they’re going to be a boy and it was a girl. And so she’s all ready to give that child these kinds of treatments. Reprehensible. And we have to protect kids.” 

Opponents of the legislation point to a Louisiana Department of Health report that found only a few dozen Medicaid enrolled minors received gender-affirming care between 2017 to 2021. And Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau says there have been no surgeries…

“We haven’t had a single, gender reaffirm surgery of a child in Louisiana in the last five years. And if there was one, do you not think we would have heard of it.” 

But Republicans in the Louisiana Senate expressed concern about children receiving hormone replacement therapy and puberty blockers which could do long-term damage. Lake Charles Senator Jeremy Stine…

“This isn’t complicated. Kids should not have access to permanent medical procedures in order to affirm an identity they might outgrow.”

The legislation would take effect January 1st. The legislation heads to back to the House for agreement on a Senate to change to the bill. Governor John Bel Edwards could veto the bill, but lawmakers could override the veto in an override session.

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