Gov Edwards on state budget cuts and possibility of veto override session


On his monthly radio call-in show Ask the Governor Governor John Bel Edwards discussed the state budget that passed in the final moments of the session earlier this month. The budget most notably, despite a surplus in funding, contained a $100 million cut to the Louisiana Department of Health.

“I believe I will be able to restore the $100 million and avoid those cuts. The idea that we would even contemplate a cut on that order of magnitude, it defies commons sense and compassion,” said Edwards.

To date, the governor has not vetoed any legislation pertaining to the transgender population. He said he has only a few days to decide if he will or not and he’s hopeful lawmakers will not return for a veto override session.

“Obviously I hope not. And if we should I would hope that my vetoes are not overridden. A lot of thought and effort goes into that,” said Edwards.

Among the anti-transgender bills, is one to prohibit transgender procedures and or treatments of minors. Another prohibits classroom discussion of sexual identity and orientation and a third restricts the use of pronouns and the name a student can go by in the classroom. Edwards said the bills have nothing to do with improving the economy, education, or healthcare in Louisiana.

“Just seems to discriminate against a very small minority of our brothers and sisters here in Louisiana, especially when they are the most fragile in our state with respect to mental health issues and so forth,” said Edwards.

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