Governor Edwards “leaving on a jet plane” on economic development mission


Governor John Bel Edwards leaves today for an economic development mission in Europe, along with a delegation of Louisiana business and health sciences leaders. The Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Eric Holl, says one of the first stops will be the internationally famous Paris Air Show…:

“…and unrivaled opportunity to make connections and further-along business development deals with the biggest aerospace companies in the world.”

In addition, Edwards will visit Hasselt, Belgium to meet with bioscience and health business leaders. Holl says representatives of LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center will attend, along with delegates from Baton Rouge Health, Tulane and other state universities…:

“So, we’ll be over there meeting with these major Belgian entities and we’ll be accompanied by a bunch of Louisiana organizations.”

This is the Governor’s 4th overseas junket in 18 months. Holl says the overall objective is bringing more economic diversity to Louisiana and the good-paying jobs that come with it. He says these economic development trips have borne fruit for the state many times before…:

“We make sure that they know that Louisiana is the place for them to do business. It is the place for them to create jobs, and that Louisiana and our state government are going to be great partners for them going forward.”  

Governor Edwards is expected to return to Louisiana June 24th. Louisiana leads the USA in overseas investments per capita.

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