Governor-Elect Jeff Landry announces his new transition website


Governor-Elect Jeff Landry announced his transition website today. Landry’s transition theme is one dream, one team, one Louisiana, so the transition website is He says there’s a place on the website for the public to share their ideas on making the state better

“Because again, we want the people of Louisiana if they have an idea about the way things should work in state government to share those ideas with us.”

Landry says the website will also have transition committee information and press releases. He says there will also be an application portal on the website for those interested in working in his administration…

“So no matter your party affiliation, if you love Louisiana and you’re interested in working with us then we want to hear from you. We have a lot of positions that are going to open up.”

Landry has also identified 14 areas in Louisiana that need the most attention and he’s named chairpersons that will lead a committee to come up with solution-driven ideas. The governor-elect says one of the panels formed will look at how to improve New Orleans…

“We want the City of New Orleans to work like the City of Charleston or the City of Nashville, or some of the other great southern cities around the country and we know that it can. But its got a lot of problems and we know that one of them is crime.”

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