Governor-elect Landry appoints Taylor Barras Commissioner of Administration


Former Louisiana Speaker of the House Taylor Barras will serve as Governor-elect Jeff Landry’s Commissioner of Administration. Landry said it makes sense to have someone with legislative experience in the vital role of commissioner.

“Having a former Speaker of the House who is willing to serve under our administration I believe is very important because he knows state government and he knows the budget process inside and out because remember House Bill 1 starts in the House,” said Landry.

Former legislator Patrick Goldsmith, who was most recently the chief administrative officer at Ascension Parish has been appointed Deputy Commissioner of Administration.

In the final moments of the last regular session, the majority of lawmakers said they were forced to vote on the budget without being able to review changes. Barras said transparency is a priority.

“There’s no reason for us to not be able to explain everything that’s in there and why. I think once you do that, and legislators have a good understanding of that it certainly makes the process. You certainly can’t take 100% of the politics out but they will have a transparent budget in front of them,” said Barras.

Landry said the roles of the Commissioner of Administration and Deputy are among the most important positions in state government because they oversee the financial affairs of the state and prepare the budget.

“And when you look at the structure and you look at the budget, I think that we can do a better job and be better stewards of taxpayer money and I can think of no two people who I would want to embark upon that process more than these two gentlemen,” said Landry.

Landry’s first regular legislative session will begin March 11, 2024.

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