Governor expected to veto anti-LGBT bills. Will lawmakers seek to override?


With the Governor back from his trade trip to Europe, many wonder which bills passed by state legislators will meet his Veto Pen. “” publisher Jeremy Alford says Governor Edwards has already indicated he will veto bills that some feel are anti-transgender or anti-gay in nature. Alford says the issue stirs strong feelings from both sides of the issues…:

“One is a piece of legislation from Representative Gabe Firment regarding gender-affirming care. That bill alone – if vetoed – could trigger a veto session.”

One bill the Governor objects to bans transgender medical procedures for minors. Another prohibits school staff from discussing sexually oriented topics with students, outside of legitimate classroom lessons. Another bill allows teachers to address students by the gender pronouns with which they were born. Alford says legal challenges could follow signing them into law…:

“There’s already been some court action in other states related to the constitutionality of some of these concepts, so we may hear about that in his veto letters. But I think it’s going to be a busy week.”

Alford says the Governor will likely use the line-item veto on some of the state budget, and that could also stir some to desire an override session. A veto override session is automatic, unless a majority of House & Senate members vote NOT to have one. Alford feels a lot of members face a tough decision in the days ahead…:

“’Is my time better spent right now going to fight over a piece of legislation that could easily be addressed in the next term of state government…or is it better spent campaigning?’”

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